Symbol of  Shinbukan Texas Keikokai School

Shinbukan Texas Keikokai

Symbol of Shinbukan Texas Keikokai School

The Shinbukan Texas Keikokai was originally formed to study Japanese sword arts. We study and practice the classical samurai koryu of Shinbukan Kuroda Dojo, under its soke Tetsuzan Kuroda.

Official Shinbukan Dojos

Kuroda Sensei is the only teacher of his system. There are only 7 official places where you can learn and study Shinbukan Kuroda Ryu-gi under the instruction of Kuroda Sensei. These dojos are:

Shinbukan Kuroda Dojo (Hombu Dojo) in Saitama-shi,Japan

Shinbukan Tokyo Keikokai in Tokyo, Japan

Shinbukan Kansai Keikokai in Amagasaki-shi, Japan

Shinbukan Texas Keikokai in San Antonio, Texas, USA

Shinbukan Keikokai in Bozeman, Montana, USA

Shinbukan Chicago Keikokai in Chicago, Illinois, USA

Shinbukan Europe Keikokai in Paris, France

*Anyone or place that is not listed among these groups but claims to teach Kuroda Sensei's ryu-gi is not an official student of Kuroda Sensei, and does not have Sensei's permission to teach his ryu-gi, and certainly does not have the knowledge, experience, and understanding of the ryu-gi to teach anyone else these complicated systems.

The Shinbukan Texas Keikokai meets every Saturday from 11:00 AM to 1:30 PM.

All persons interested in learning this koryu are welcome to join by applying at the study group geographically located nearest to you. Contact us in Texas at (210) 695-6235, (210) 325-1144, or email us at "stk(at)shinbukantexas(dot)org".

If you are interested in learning more about Kuroda Sensei and Shinbukan Kuroda Ryu-gi, please contact us, or:

Official Website of Shinbukan Kuroda Dojo

James Williams at The Dojo of the Four Winds, in Bozeman, Montana,

Matt Wever at the Shinbukan Chicago Keikokai of Chicago, Illinois

Shinbukan Europe Keikokai

Shinbukan Kuroda Dojo, Shinbukan Kuroda Ryu-gi, Komagawa Kaishin Ryu Kenjutsu, Tamiya Ryu Iaijutsu (founded by Tamiya Gon-emon), Shishin Takuma Ryu Jujutsu, Tsubaki Kotengu Ryu Bojutsu, and Seigyoku Oguri Ryu are all copyrighted and trademarked by Kuroda Tetsuzan, and are not to be used for any commercial purpose, except for advertising the sale of Kuroda Tetsuzan's videos, DVDs, books and magazine articles without the approval of Kuroda Tetsuzan.